Design - Plan - Install - Test

Making the most of your space

We pride ourselves on delivering bespoke installations, with a high quality finish. We know that if something is going to be with you for a long time, it needs to be right and it needs to work seamlessly with your space.

We deliver intelligently designed installations of technical infrastructure for lighting, sound, video, power, rigging and stage technology. Knowing how entertainment technology is used in a variety of different settings from theatre to corporate event venue means we design and implement versatile systems with the end user in mind. 

How we work

We design systems that help you do, what you do, even better. Our industry connections mean we keep on top of developments, ensuring your install is up to date and ready for the future. There’s no point investing in dimmers, that won’t support your increasing stock of LED fixtures and moving heads. 

When designing your install, we will take the time to understand how you use your space and how you’d like to make it work better for you. We understand that not every venue has a technician to hand at all times. We can make sure your installation is set up for you and your users to make the most of it, by pairing user friendly controls with the right equipment.

Our promises

Work with you every step of the way

Integrate our systems into the existing fabric of the building

Never cut corners

Think about the future, with every choice

Leave your installation, well finished and clean

Deliver the best quality at the right price