Live Streaming

Theatre - Music - Events - Worship

It is now more important than ever to invest in technology that expands the number of people you can reach with your work. Whether you are offering ticketed music events or sharing a service with your congregation at home, live streaming maintains a connection with your audience when they can’t be with you in person.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve combined our understanding of the unique needs of the people and buildings we work with and our knowledge of audio visual technology to develop a formula for creating bespoke live streaming systems that work for you. Our systems are designed to optimally serve their purpose, for example, a system that will mostly be used for theatre and music events needs to work well in low light and deliver quality sound. One used primarily for online classes, should be simple for the teacher to operate as they teach.

We’ve designed a discreet version of our live streaming system that is ideal for places of worship. This system has a minimal visual impact as well as being user friendly for situations where a technician is not present. Just because your people aren’t ‘techy’ doesn’t rule out live streaming as an option for you. 

Following a consultation to establish your specific requirements, we will create a competitively priced package that takes into account;

The technical know-how of your team
How your equipment will be used
What existing equipment can be integrated
The importance of a discreet installation